Chopin's Love Life

Chopin's Love Life


Andrzej Ferenc


Występują -

Emilia Korsak

Iwona Rulewicz

Anna Szczerbińska

Maciej Zuchowicz

Scenografia -

Marta Kozera

Jana Łączyńska

Tekst - Kamil M. Banasiak

John Comber

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Chopin’s Love Life an ideal play for those who enjoy both theatre and classical

music. Based on Frederic Chopin’s correspondence with friends, and the women he loved.

Chopin’s Love Life tells the story of Chopin’s passions and the emotional

circumstances he faced at various stages in his life.

Chopin’s Love Life shows us that Chopin was much more than just a piano genius, he

also wielded his pen to masterfully craft prose about his life and times. His letters

are a goldmine of knowledge about his artistic sensibilities and his most enduring

and meaningful relationships. Chopin’s writings reveal a refined sense of humor, a

light-hearted profoundness, and cutting self-depreciation.

The play’s theme and content are inspired by Chopin’s correspondence with his

mother Justyna Krzyżanowska, Konstancja Gładkowska (Chopin’s first love), Maria

and Teresa Wodzińska (Chopin’s first fiancé and her mother), Tytus

Wojciechowski (one of Chopin’s oldest friends), Wojciech Grzymała (a close

friend) and, of course, George Sand (Chopin’s greatest love).

The script was written by Andrzej Ferenc, the play’s stage director and also director of Teatr Scena. A few years ago he himself played Chopin performing in many theaters in Poland and abroad (in Polish embassies in Europe)

According to Andrzej Ferenc the play is like "a map of Chopin's heart with regions set by the works of the great composer”.

The current cast includes Emilia Korsak, Aleksandra Radwan, Iwona Rulewicz,

Anna Szczerbińska and Maciej Zuchowicz. 

Musical accompaniment is provided by recent graduates of Warsaw’s Musical Academy.Thus, the play is not only a theater performance, it is also a piano concert.

Play director: Andrzej Ferenc

Stage design: Marta Kozera, Jana Łączyńska

Linguistic and logistical support : Urszula and Tadeusz Filipowicz